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Renovation Of Kalinga Studios Ltd

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Renovation Of Kalinga Studios Ltd

As decided by the Board, the renovation work of the Kalinga Studios Ltd. has been undertaken in respect of the following works.  Accordingly, the OSIC had submitted estimates for Rs.2.13 Cores for construction / renovation / modification of the developmental works.  

Repairing of Compound Wall, grading of Green Room (Make-up rooms), renovation of cottages – 04 nos., supply of water to different areas of the studio, repairing of Transformer, construction of pump house as well as overhead tank, repairing of indoor shooting floor, renovation and beautification of lawns and gardens, construction of slums / bastis, pindis and bhagabattungi etc. inside the studio premises for use by the film makers. 

To speed up the work and complete the renovation work early, few works like repair and renovation of black top road, morum road, gate projects – 2 nos. to have more attraction for the studio, construction of decorative cottages and repairing of existing buildings along with new constructions like Railway Station, Bus Stand, Decorative Cottage, Canteen, Jail Room, Petrol Pump etc. for shooting purpose have been entrusted to Works Department.

As on date R&B Department has completed the renovation work for pump house, sump, morum road and taken up the works like reconstruction of Black Top Road and gate project.  In addition to this, few works like Forest Check Gate and renovation of Editing Block were entrusted for repair and renovation.

Further works like Jail Rook, Decorative Cottage, Canteen, Bath Complex, Petrol Pump and Railway Station are in the pipe line.  The said works shall be entrusted on approval of the elevation and design etc.