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Achievement During 2019-20

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Achievement During 2019-20

Status of Investment intents received during MIO-2018:

Status No of Proposals Investment Amount(in Rs. Crores) Employment Potential
Investment Intention received during MIO, 2018 202 4,23,114.53 5,91,847
Approved & Recommended by DLSWCA/SLSWCA  till date 84 2,60,172.33 2,17,330
Applications under review at IPICOL 7 10,235.35 5,945

Other Investment promotional activities: Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Odisha Ltd (IPICOL) has constantly and consistently increased the visibility of the State in National & International level by participating and organizing events, seminar and workshops across the globe. A large number of investment promotion events/ seminars / roadshows have been organized / participated by IPICOL. A few such important events are mentioned below. 

Detail of events and officers participated is as follow,

Name of The Event Event Dates Description
Investor's Meet 4/5/2019 Organized at Chennai
Interactive Session with Sponge Iron Manufacturers 9/4/2019 Organized at Bhubaneswar
Investors Follow-up Meet 2/7/2019 Organized at New Delhi
Meeting with KOTRA for attracting Korean Investment 12/7/2019 Participated at New Delhi
German Technolgy for industrial Development of Odisha 17/07/19 Participated at Bhubaneswar
Interactive Session with Steel Sector Industries 7/8/2019 Organized at Bhubaneswar
Annapoorna 29-31/08/19 Participated at Mumbai
Technotex 29-31/08/19 Participated at Mumbai
State Delegation visit to China & Singapore. 4-12/09/2019 Organized at China & Singapore.
PetroChem 14/09/2019 Participated at Kolkata
Korean Caraven 22-24/09/2019 Participated at Bhubaneswar
Workshop on BRAP 18/10/2019 Organized at Angul
Interactive Session with Food Processing Industries 25/10/2019 Organized at Bhubaneswar
Workshop on BRAP 25/10/2019 Organized at Bhubaneswar
Workshop on BRAP 29/10/2019 Organized at Berhmpur
Investors Meet 4/11/2019 Participated at Raipur
Workshop on BRAP 5/11/2019 Organized at Sambalpur
Workshop on BRAP 6/11/2019 Organized at Rourkela
Global Petrochemical Hubs of India 11-12/11/2019 Participated at Mumbai
India International Trade Fair 14-27/11/2019 Participated at New Delhi
Film Bazaar 2019 20-24/11/2019 Participated at Goa
Workshop on BRAP 27/11/2019 Organized at Balasore
7th& 8th Phase inauguration & ground Breaking 07/08/2019
30/11/2019 Organized at Bhubaneswar
Unveiling of MIO 2020 Countdown clock 30/11/2019 Organized at Bhubaneswar

Odisha has emerged as a major destination for industrial and knowledge sector. The Government has a proactive industrial policy, which focuses on providing institutional infrastructure & need based fiscal incentives to consolidate and reinforce the industrialization process in the State.