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Ease of Doing Business

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Ease of Doing Business

To ensure a hassle-free business environment to investors, a number of reforms along with a number of technological interventions have been carried out by various Departments of the State Government in the recent past. As a part of ease of doing business in the State, the following technological platform have been developed.

i. GO SWIFT: IPICOL has developed a new Single Window Portal (, which facilitates online application submission, payments, tracking of status approvals and issuance of the approved certificate for 32 industrial services of 14 Departments. The portal has received more than 1000 applications from various sectors and from investors across the country for investment in Odisha, since its inaguration in November 2017 by the Honourable Chief Minister. Till now the portal has received proposals belonging to a variety of sectors ranging from food processing, seafood, aluminium downstream, textile & apparel, cement, tourism, IT & ESDM and chemical & plastics etc. The portal is a “One-stop Solution” for information on clearances required; land banks available; application, payment, tracking & approval of G2B services; risk-based synchronized inspection by regulatory agencies; incentive administration; post land allotment services; grievance redressal; and dovetailing CSR activities with the developmental goals of the State. Industries Department of the Government of Odisha has developed an online Single Window portal, GO SWIFT i.e. Government of Odisha – Single Window for Investor Facilitation & Tracking, to promote a conducive business environment through transparency and time-bound clearances.Further, a query management system has been integrated which mandates that any queries on an application shall be raised only once within 7 working days from the date of submission. The timelines mandated by Orissa Right to Public Services Act (ORTPSA 2012) have been mapped for each service to ensure that all approvals are delivered in a time bound manner to the investors. Once an application is approved, the investor can download the approval certificate online without any need to visit the concerned department.

Further, GO SWIFT also allows for incentive application, and sanction under the Industrial Policy Resolution of 2015. With the provision of Department Dashboards for senior government officials  on GO-SWIFT, officials can monitor all important details concerning each industrial unit in the State including status of approvals by various Departments, employment generated by the unit, grievance resolution and incentive disbursement. GO SWIFT is hosted in Government of Odisha cloud in State data center for easy access without any downtime for investors and department officials. The Dept for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Government of India,  has also recognized GO SWIFT portal as best practice in India to track the investment lifecycle at one stop. The DPIIT has also advised other States/ UTs to evaluate the Single Window system/ online portal (GO SWIFT) of the State of Odisha for replication/adoption with suitable modifications.

ii. SLFC

To facilitate ease of doing business in Odisha and expedite the grounding of projects, the State has taken various initiatives such as creation of the State Level Facilitation Cell (SLFC) at IPICOL where senior officials from departments of Energy, Water, OSPCB, Factories & Boilers and IDCO are deputed on a full time basis with delegation of appropriate authority to process industrial approvals. The SLFC, which meets every week, has had 173 meetings till date since its inception in 2015.

Since April, 2019 SLFC has approved/ recommended a total 28 projects worth INR 2,09,294.78 crores with employment potential of about 41,421 nos. and issues pertaining to about 86 industrial projects have been resolved.

State Level Facilitation Cell
Sl. No. Activity Number Status
1 Total No of meetings held 25 From 1st April 2019 to 12th December 2019
2 No of issues discussed and resolved 32 20
3 No of new projects approved (Green Category) 0 -

CRM:After the resounding success of the second editions of Make in Odisha Conclave 2018, targeting leads for investment in the state are growing up.

It has become increasingly necessary to rely on the appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that will allow the whole Investment promotion team to face the new levels of workload and to extract as much value as possible from the information that is generated and managed, while ensuring the continuity of the business against all odds. With the help of CRM, Investment promotion team will be able to do the lead management (like track and manage prospective customers, capture the leads in CRM by email, referrals, intent form, websites, social networking ,nurturing of leads to users, conversion tracking from leads into investors ) , Investor management, investor Interaction management, interaction record with investors.

Vision 2030: The purpose of the Vision 2030 in Metal downstream &Ancllary sector report is to provide a road-map to achieve 50% value addition in metal downstream and ancillary segment by 2030. Downstream metal and ancillaries has been identified as one of the focus segments by the State, given the State's leadership in primary metals (Steel, Aluminum& Stainless Steel) Additionally,  the contribution of Odisha's downstream metal segment to National GVA is much lesser than comparative State's such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat. This objective through this report is to identify the bottlenecks impeding the growth of this segment and come out with appropriate policy interventions to drive growth. Moreover, downstream metals and ancillares is one of the employment intensive segments. This segment is expected to catapult the State's employment (10 X jump) from 0.3 lakhs to about 3 lakhs (direct & indirect), and investment (7 X jump) from INR 10000 Cr. to INR 65000 Cr. by 2030, provided the State's thrust on the segment.

iii. SLSWCA and HLCA

Since April, 2019 three (3) meetings of State Level Single Window Clearance Authority (SLSWCA) have been held to approve project proposals. Twenty eight (28) Nos. of project proposals have been cleared by State Level Single Window Clearance Authority (SLWCA) aggregating proposed investment of Rs. 5,225.78 Crores. Besides five (5) nos of project proposals have been cleared by one (1) High Level Clearance Authority (HLCA) meetings aggregating proposed investment of Rs.2,04,069Crores.
These proposals are spread across various diverse sectors from Metal & Metal Downstream, Power & Renewable Energy, Textiles, Food Processing, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Plastics, Infrastructure, Tourism and Manufacturing.

  No. of meetings Value of proposals approved (Rs. in crores) Total for 1.4.2019 to 12.12.2019
No. of SLSWCA meetings conducted 3 5,225.78 5,225.78
No. of HLCA meetings conducted 1 2,04,069 2,04,069

iv. Ground breaking

After the approvals were received, with consistent coordination for land allotment, 49 companies had their groundbreaking/inauguration by the hand of Hon’ble CM, in two phases amounting to grounding of investment of about Rs. 13,400.23 crores and employment potential of about 21,593 nos.

v. Industry Care

The Government of Odisha’s Department of Industries had launched a district-wise formal engagement initiative named ‘Industry Care’ in December last year to raise awareness about business reforms and institutional mechanism among industries, to resolve their issues with various Government departments on a high priority basis. The engagement was also aimed at facilitating the expansion of new units coming up in the State. Fortnightly district wise Industry Care workshops under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Industries are being organized for the purpose.

Whereas daily district specific meetings (Wednesday-Friday) at the level of Managing Director, IPICOL for large industries and weekly SLFC meetings at the level of Chairman, IPICOL are also being organized to fast disposal of issues the industrial units have in the state.
Summary of meetings organized viz.a.viz issues resolved from various units.

No. of districts covered from Dec-2018 to December-2019 No. of Fortnightly meetings held under the chairmanship of PS, Industries Deptt. No. of Industrial units participated
(Large) No. of Issues received No. of Issues resolved
30 10 175 223 156

5T frame work: Under 5T initiative IPICOL is assigned activities like 50% value addition of Metal by setting up downstream industries and to prepare a comprehensive end to end revamp Single Window Clearances system for Industries. The progress is being monitored in the last Saturday of each month under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Industries Department. Under activities of 50% value addition to metal, a vision 2030 document is under preparation by M/s KPMG.