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Common Inner Banner _ Industry


Transformational Goal #1: Making Odisha amongst the top 3 states in India, in terms of grounded projects

Team Intervention #1: Team Intervention: Capacity Building of DIC officials including exposure visits

  1. Setting up of PMU for capacity building
  2. Institutional restructuring, role clarity, training needs assessment and 1st round of Capacity Building initiatives
  3. ‘Out-of-turn’ promotions for best performing officials

Transformational Goal #2: Ensuring overall socio-economic development through industries with 50% value addition to metal

Team Intervention #1: All Departments to work towards Vision 2025 for industrial growth and Vision 2030 for downstream development

  1. Release of Vision 2030
  2. Meeting with concerned Departments to share interventions required for successful realization of Vision 2030
  3. Review of the action undertaken by the concerned departments by HCM

Transformational Goal #3: Best-in-class new industrial clusters modernization of existing industrial estates

Team Intervention #1:: All Departments to develop respective trunk infrastructure to reduce logistics cost

  1. Strategy to develop trunk infrastructure for all identified clusters by the concerned Department put in place in consultation with IDCO
  2. Review of the status of progress of project implementation as per plan by CS
  3. Review of project implementation progress by HCM

Transformational Goal #4: Comprehensive end-to-end single window clearance for Industries

Team Intervention #1: Continuous review of service applications and their disposal status

  1. Review of pending applications at the level of Secretary of the concerned Department
  2. Review of pending applications by SLSWCA
  3. Review of pending applications by HCM

Team Intervention #1: Appointment of dedicated senior Govt officials as nodal officers for large investments

  1. Appointment of dedicated senior Govt officials as nodal officers for large proposed/new investments