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Revival of Sick Industrial Units

The recent intensification of industrial activities in the State provides significant growth opportunity for the existing MSMEs including those which have become sick for various reasons. More emphasis is being given for revival of sick industrial units by providing direct and indirect employment.

Initiatives Undertaken:
  • Potentially viable sick units shall be identified and placed in fast track mode for assistance.
  • Existing institutional mechanism of DLC, Sub-SLllC and SLllC shall be suitably reinforced,
  • SLllC shall be empowered to extend need-based incentives
  • Assisted unit shall be treated at par with new industrial unit
  • State Government shall liaise with GO1 for setting up of a body in the line of BlFR for rehabilitation of sick MSEs.
  • Empowered Committee on SME has been constituted to review the progress in financing and rehabilitation of sick SME.
  • Credit flow to MSMEs
    Rapid industrialization has taken place in the state. 79 MOUs have been signedby Government. Depending on the existing and upcoming Large I Mega Projects, large number of Ancillary and Down Stream lndustries will be coming up. Keeping in view the SLBC has decided for doubling the credit flow in MSME sector by2009-10.
    Recently, MOU has been signed between Govt. of Orissa and Central Bank Of India to provide adequate flow of credit to MSME Sector Similarly. MOU has been signed among Govt of Orissa, OSFC and SIDBI for availing refinance from SIDBI and other concession for steady flow of funds to MSME sector.
  • Panchayat Samity Industries (PSI)
    Panchayat Samity lndustries (PSI) programme was initiated during the year 1961-62. All the PSI units were incorporated as industrial cooperative under Orissa Co-Operative Societies Act. These units are located in Gram Panchayat areas. The aim and objective of the programme was to provide cost effective building material and allied items. These units utilize local resources, skills and raw-material. These units are governed by a Board of management consisting of local artisans headed by one officer from Industries Department.

147 nos. of PSI units were set up and in due course of time, most of the units came to defunct stage due to inadequate finance, obsolete technology and marketing constraint.
The present status of PSI units are as follows.

Present status of the PSI units is as follows
No. of unit working 16
No. of defunct 4
No. of units under liquidation 123
No. of units finally liquidated. 4
Total 147

Out of 16 nos. of working PSI units, most of the units are profit making.