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Action Plan

Action Plan For The Year, 2010-11
  • Strengthening of Team Orissa Secretariat to get it involved with all line Departments of Govt. of Orissa so as to make the Team Orissa Loqo/Banner more effective in reality for facilitation of Investors' need in the State.
  • Restructuring of Organization to meet the capacity need of Nodal Agency activities.
  • Review of CAF/MoU signed projects with FlCCl at New Delhi where no progress has been made.
  • Conducting Seminar on Food Processing Industries in 0rissa in association with ASSOCHAM
  • 30 Minute TV Interaction Programme on Orissa's industrial Development Pros & Cons in any of the Business Channels.
  • Taking up Membership with more National level Trade Organizations
  • Taking up sector specific Study Tours
  • Continue participation in National & International level events
  • Revamping of existing library of IPlCOL to handle the audio visual DVDs on various Seminars/Workshops as well as photographs thereon in more systematic way to put in place for reference of Govt.lDepartments1 Board of IPlCOL and also for presentation purpose to the lnvestors. Bringing out Hand-book of District profile as well as State profile Maintaining IS0 9001-2008 standard in all level of activities in lnvestment
  • Promotion and lnvestment Facilitation Cell.
  • Working in E-Governance climate in adherence to Govt. Directives
  • Re-engineering of Team Orissa Website with updated information with ease.