Associated Bodies

Activities 2009-10

Due to global slow down the performance of IDCOL group was severely affected during the financial year 2009-10. Its sales, & productions have reduced compared to corresponding period of last year. However with easing of the situation i.e. looking up of the Indian economy the performance of IDCOL group has started improving slowly and it has set an ambitious growth plan for 2010-11.

Export Activity
The corporation has exported 28,100 MT of chrome concentrate valued at ' i Rs. 24 .21 Crs. (Approx) during the current Financial year.

Industrial Harmony:

Industrial harmony could be maintained during the year, and no major unrest/strike took place affecting loss of production in IDCOL group of Companies.


The corporation provides employment opportunity to about 4000 employees. These include direct employment to about 1500 persons & indirect employment to, about 2500 number in its wholly owned subsidiary companies as may be seen below : -

Category IFCAL IKIWL Total
Regular 414 1101 1515
Indirect(casual, Contract efc) 1446 1092 2538
Total 1860 2193 4053

 Besides, it also provides direct employment to 231 persons and indirect employment to 642 persons in its joint sector company, Konark Jute Ltd.

Expansion & Mordernisation:

MIS MECON, Ranchi, (Metallurgical & Engineering Consultants India) Limited) has submitted prospective plan for IKlWL & IFCAL for production of value added items & capacity expansion It involves an out lay of about Rs. 3000 Crs in phases. The corporation proposes to have a project out lay of about Rs. 300 Crores in phase one Project selection & implementation is scheduled to commence during 2010.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

IDCOL has extended a helping hand to MIS Konark Jute Ltd., an agro based industry for revision of their wages and meeting a portion of their cash losses. It was also contributed substantially to the periphery development activities in Barb11 and J.K.Road area for improvement of education, health and other community development works.