Associated Bodies


The Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa Limited (IDCOL) was set up during 1962, mainly to promote, establish and execute Industries in the State of Orissa. In the process of promoting industries for value addition and optimum utilization of rich mineral resources, it had as many as 15 industrial units at different parts of the State. Subsequently as a part of the Public Sector Reforms Policy of Govt the sick subsidiary companies were divested I assets were sold. Presently it is continuing as holding company of the following subsidiary companies only-

  • IDCOL Kalinga lron works Ltd. ( IKIWL) at Barbil engaged in manufacturing of foundry grade Pig lron & Cast. lron Spun Pipe ( 100% Subsidiary Company)
  • IDCOL Ferro Chrome & Alloys Ltd. ( IFCAL) at Jajpur Road engaged in production of High Carbon Ferro Chrome ( HGFC) . (100% Subsidiary Company)
  • IDCOL Soft ware Ltd. (ISL) at Bhubaneswar, which acts as one of the nodal I T agents of the Govt. (IDCOL' s Stake 60% (JN with OSEDC Ltd.)
  • Konark Jute Ltd. (KJL), at Dhanmandal engaged in production of Jute products is before Hon'ble High Court of Orissa (IDCOL's stake 71%) under winding up before Hon'ble High Court of Orissa.